Beatriz Rosa

I am a Brazilian graphic designer and illustrator currently based in London.

I completed my bachelor's degree in Communication and Media at State University of Maringá in July 2022. During my degree I did an Erasmus in Spain for one semester.

I have gained valuable experience in the graphic design and communication, accumulating approximately four years of professional experience.

I have embraced a more flexible approach to my creative process. Alongside my digital work, I have explored other forms of artistic expression. These endeavors have not only provided a creative outlet but have also contributed to my growth as a professional.


This compilation showcases my illustrations for a brand specializing in ultra-frozen meals, dedicated to saving time in our daily routines. I prioritized understanding the customer's needs and visually communicating their desires. The flat illustrations I created featured vibrant colors, infusing the brand with flavor. These illustrations were utilized across various applications, including lambe-lambes, packaging, and bags. By capturing the essence of the brand and its target audience, I crafted visually captivating illustrations that emphasized the brand's commitment to making mealtimes easier and more enjoyable.

Feminina e Feminista

These illustrations were created for the brand QNTL Store, a women's clothing store. The aim was to enhance the brand's girly and feminist atmosphere through the illustrations. Drawing inspiration from the aesthetics of playing cards and tarot, I incorporated the brand's colors and feminine universe into the creation of these mini prints, which are included with select orders from the website. I included elements from the feminine universe, and the highlighted phrase "feminina e feminista" (feminine and feminist) may provoke some controversy, but it reinforces the idea that these characteristics are not mutually exclusive.

Mestre Express

The logo for Mestre Express, a local market in Maringá, Brazil, embodies trust and friendship between customers and employees. The handshake symbol, represented by the letter "M," signifies the bond shared with customers. The visual design and colors create an inviting and reliable image, attracting and retaining customers. The logo effectively communicates Mestre Express' commitment to building strong relationships and reflects the market's identity and values.

Mozakai Gin

This packaging design was exclusively crafted for Mozaiki Gin, a Brazilian brand known for its smooth and perfectly balanced flavors. The goal was to create packaging that not only represented the product but also captured the brand's unique atmosphere. Through illustrations that incorporated the colors of the bottle, the design successfully conveys the essence of Mozaiki Gin. The illustrations create an emotional connection with the audience, evoking sophistication and allure.


I played a key role in developing the "Davakinha" brand, a dulce de leche-flavored liqueur. This involved creating a captivating character, designing branding illustrations, crafting the logo, and collaborating on the bottle design. Our goal was to create a charismatic character that embodied the essence of "Davakinha" and establish a strong emotional connection with the audience. The branding illustrations integrated the character, brand elements, and flavor cues, while a cohesive color palette maintained visual consistency. The logo complemented the character and illustrations, resulting in a cohesive and visually appealing brand.

Briz Burger

This is a rebranding project for Briz Burguer. The visual identity and elements that I developed and illustrated were carefully crafted to maintain the essence of the burger joint that has always captivated its customers, while also bringing a sense of freshness to the brand. The goal was to keep the same colors but introduce elements with a 90s vibe and vintage references, giving the brand a nostalgic twist.

Whisky Lemac

The Lemac whiskey brand, known for its natural maturation process, served as the inspiration for this project. The goal was to create an illustration that could be applied to a coaster and serve as a digital reference for the brand's universe. Drawing from the art of the Brazilian colonial period and the intricate tile designs of that era, I combined these influences with the brand's primary colors to create a visually captivating illustration. This versatile artwork establishes a tangible connection between Lemac whiskey and its consumers on coasters, while also maintaining a cohesive brand identity online. Through this illustration, I showcased my artistic abilities and created a memorable visual representation of the Lemac brand.

Ana Flavia Boer

The rebranding project for Ana Flavia Boer drew inspiration from her homemade patisserie, which showcases an array of flowers, natural dyes, and edible plants. The logo and packaging design strike a delicate balance, allowing Ana's products to shine while incorporating elements that represent her unique creations.

The logo serves as a representation of Ana's brand, while the packaging immerses customers into her world. Carefully illustrated elements evoke the essence of her sweets, creating a captivating experience. The color palette features light tones, complemented by gold detailing and patterns for an elegant touch.

To maintain consistency, I designed a comprehensive digital identity that carries the brand's essence across various online platforms. This cohesive design strategy ensures a distinctive and memorable presence for Ana Flavia Boer.

Comunicar Protege

"Comunicar Protege" (Communicating Protects) was my final project for my bachelor's degree in Communication and Multimedia at UEM (State University of Maringá). It focused on the crucial role of communication in combating child sexual abuse in Brazil. I created a network that connected parents to discuss the importance of protecting their children's sexuality.

Through a personal narrative, featuring the character "@comunicarprotege," I used vibrant illustrations and animations to bring the story to life. The project was primarily shared on Instagram, leveraging its broad user base to reach people where they spend their time.

By proactively sharing essential information on child sexual abuse prevention, "Comunicar Protege" aimed to bridge the gap between social media engagement and accessing critical knowledge. The project received positive feedback, with individuals expressing gratitude for the information provided and its impact in raising awareness.

The success of "Comunicar Protege" was recognized at the Intercom 2022 competition, where it received first place in the regional edition and second place nationwide in its category. These achievements validate the project's innovation and effectiveness in bringing about positive change.

I am incredibly proud of the project's impact and the recognition it has garnered. It stands as a testament to the power of communication and its ability to make a difference in important social issues.